Thursday, 12 June 2014

Making Sense - A Researcher Centred approach to funder mandates - JISC OA Pathfinder

Here in the Directorate of Learning Resources at Oxford Brookes University, we are very pleased to have received the good news earlier this month that we have been selected as one of the 8 JISC OA Pathfinder projects to  look into how we can help researchers in  UK Universities conform with Open Access funder mandates.

Making sense:a researcher centred approach to funder mandates

Lead Institution: Oxford Brookes University
Project Director: Stuart Hunt
Project Manager:  Rowena Rouse 

Associate institutions: 
Nottingham Trent University, University of Portsmouth

About the project
Our project will provide the infrastructure and processes to support researchers working within non research-intensive universities to conform to OA funder mandates. We will consider human behaviours and how engagement with OA processes can be improved, putting the researcher at the centre, building within and around the research context.

We will apply an ethnographic sense-making approach to work with, and observe, the researcher in their own context.  The aim of this approach is to integrate with, rather than impose upon, the researcher and the research environment, enabling conformance with specific funder mandates as a part of the research workflow.

We will:

Develop a methodology and create a toolkit for a researcher-centred approach.
Create a dataset from our investigation of researcher working practices
Communicate with the wider OA community via an iterative case study and 
   hosting a workshop for the OA Implementers Community.
Release all project outputs via open access under a Creative Commons license

Project Timeline - June 2014 -May 2016

Create project

Conduct research and gather data

progress (via blog)

Create researcher-based toolkit

Launch of

Host OA community workshop

Evaluate toolkit and

Launch roadshows
at project sites

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