Thursday 19 February 2015

MIAO - My Individual Assessment of Open Access

Introducing  MIAO - My Individual Assessment of Open Access

MIAO is self-assessment tool for researchers to assess how prepared they think they, and their institution, are for Open Access (OA) compliance. This is based on CIAO - Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open Access - a benchmarking tool for assessing institutional readiness for Open Access (OA) compliance. It can be downloaded   from .

How can it be used?
You can download it and print it out on  an A4 sheet of paper and then get researchers to rate themselves. I'm planning to use it with new researchers to gauge  OA awareness when they join Oxford Brookes.  We may also use it as an ice-breaker with smaller groups of researchers. Note this is the pilot version so we are interested in any feedback and how other institutions have used it.

We are planning to create a form so that the survey can be conducted online and we can collect the data too.