Wednesday, 12 November 2014

CIAO - Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open access the Pilot version is published

CIAO is ready!

CIAO - Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open access is a benchmarking tool for assessing institutional readiness for Open Access (OA) compliance. The tool is based on the CARDIO (Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objectives- This tool has been produced as part of the JISC OA Pathfinder: Making Sense: a researcher-centred approach to funder mandates.  

Where can I find it?
This resource is available from here:
and is licenced under  CC BY
Here you will find a version which you can download and a sheet about how you can use it.

We need feedback
This is a pilot version so we are very keen of getting feedback on how it has been used in different institutions. How useful is it, how can we make it better? Email

What Next?
We are looking at alternative ways of delivering this tool. We are also developing similar tool to be completed by individuals. MIAO - My Individual Assessment of Open access .