Wednesday, 5 August 2015

CIAO and MIAO - fully editable versions are now available

CIAO and MIAO are at the Fringe 2015
Just had a stimulating couple of days at Repository Fringe here in Edinburgh where there was much talk about the role of repositories/ the CRIS, open access and research data management. Now going to the LOCH - Open Access for the REF Planning workshop and what better place to launch the fully editable versions of CIAO  -  and MIAO - . Both are now available as word documents which means that you can customise them to meet our own institutional needs. Adjustments to the Hefce policy means that we need to possibly tweak our message to academics slightly. Now you can edit MIAO  and tailor for your own institutional needs so that's what I will be doing on my return to Oxford Brookes. 

The change in the Hefce policy does gives us some time to ensure that all our resources and systems are in place so it may be time to review progress so far using the CIAO framework.

Good to see that there is a cat presence  at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015!

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